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Treatment for Ants

Ant Control Townsville

Ants prefer high humidity, which is why they spend most of their time underground. Since the average humidity in Townsville is around 60%-75%, ants are a common problem. To prevent your home from falling prey to ants, consider getting regular pest control. At Pro Pest Control, we can help you remove ant problems with our proven treatments.

Our Ant Treatment Process

When treating ants, we will first do a pest inspection to find the nest. After we find it, we will proceed to apply treatment to kill the entire colony. Once the property has been cleared of ants, we will create a barrier to prevent future ant infestations in your home.

Ants do not usually carry disease, although they can occasionally carry contaminants on their legs. They are mainly a pest because they leave a mess behind them in the form of mounds. They also typically eat cellulose, which puts the wooden structures of your home in danger.

Common Species

The common ant species in Townsville are the following:

  • Coastal Brown Ant: Commonly found in the yard, it often digs underneath yard soil and pathways.
  • Pharaoh Ant: It is light brown, almost transparent, and prefers nesting in humid areas (70%-80% humidity).
  • Black House Ant: It’s dark and prefers homes with lots of clutter.
  • Ghost Ant: Very small in size and with an almost translucent abdomen.

Signs of an Ant Infestation

Typically, the first sign of an infestation is seeing more than one ant. One scout is not a problem, as long as it has been taken care of, but more than one suggests that the scout brought the colony over. At that point, you may want to contact pest control. At Pro Pest Control Townsville, we can help you with your ant problem.

How Do You Know You Have an Ant Problem?

Here are the potential signs that you are dealing with an ant problem:

  • Piles of soil and dirt in and around your home
  • Constant ant sighting
  • Fragile wood structure in your home and your yard
  • Rustling noises that come from your walls
  • Hollow sounds from the wooden beams
  • Bite marks on your skin (very rare, and only with certain ant types)

Prevention Tips

If you have an ant problem, you will need to go for pest control. Our professionals at Pro Pest Control Townsville can help you out. That being said, here are a few tips that you may want to try out beforehand.

  • Use Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth absorbs the moisture from the exoskeleton of the ant, killing it. Sprinkle it in areas where you believe you have ant activity.

  • Peppermint

Peppermint repels a variety of insects. You can grow peppermint in pots and ruffle them now and again, or you can spray a mix of water and peppermint essential oil on baseboards.

  • Ground Red or Black Pepper

They find the smell of cayenne pepper irritating. You might want to sprinkle some ground pepper where you believe there is ant activity.

  • White Vinegar

Pests are naturally deterred by the scent of white vinegar, even after it dries. Mix it with some water and use a mop to apply it to the floor.

  • Sprinkle Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds have almost the same effect as diatomaceous earth while repelling them. After you drink your coffee, put the grounds in areas where there is ant activity.

  • Keep Your Yard Clean

They’re attracted to places with fallen leaves and dead tree limbs. To prevent ant activity, take care of your yard.

  • Seal Entry Points

They can’t infest your home if they can’t get inside in the first place. If your home has any gaps or holes, you may want to seal them.

  • Vacuum Frequently

Ants gather in places where they frequently find crumbs on the floor. Vacuum frequently to prevent that.

  • Wipe Flat Kitchen Surfaces

Spills and crumbs on the counter and table can attract ants. Wipe the surfaces frequently to prevent them from coming.

  • Glass Cleaner and Detergent

Ant scouts leave pheromone trails for other ants to follow. Cleaning the floors with a mix of liquid detergent and glass cleaner can disrupt that trail.


How Much Does Ant Control Cost?

Ant Control in Townsville can depend on the size of your home, as well as the severity of the infestation. On average, it can cost between $100 and $500.

How Long Does It Take for The Treatment to work?

Treatment applied directly will kill the main ant colony within minutes. However, it may take several weeks until the entire colony comes into contact with the chemical treatment.

How Often Should I Get Ant Treatment?

Ant control should be applied every 3-6 months, depending on the potential for ant infestations in your area. For Townsville homes, quarterly treatments may be recommended.

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