Customer Testimonials

Hearing from our clients always makes us happy!  If you would like to submit your testimonial please visit and submit your feedback into our contact form. Here are some testimonials left by our previous customers.

Bella Warren – Good Work!

I’ve had rodents continuously raiding my grain stocks, and I couldn’t keep them away no matter how many traps I set. These guys came over, applied their treatment, and I haven’t seen any rodents since then. They also gave me some pointers on how to keep the rats away in the future, so thanks for that!

Thomas Robinson – Professional Services

Great prices, polite pest controllers, and the work they did was effective. Thank you!

Liam Johnson – Definitely Pros

I needed a pre-purchase termite inspection, and these guys came right on time. They found termites on a potential home, so they saved me a lot of headaches. Bought another home, and now these guys are the ones doing my annual inspections.

Joseph Sullivan – Very Pleased!

They do my regular pest inspections in my bakery. Several years in, still haven’t had a pest problem. Thanks!

Christine MacKenzie – Home Savers!

Their termite baiting system may have just saved my home. They came for the regular maintenance check and turns out, it stopped the termites from going to my home. They switched the bait to a termiticide one, and the termites were gone within a few weeks. They never got a chance to reach my house!

Lily Wright – Great Services!

Great prices and professional services! They took care of my ant problem quite fast. I highly recommend them!

Sam Bremer – Highly Recommended

There’s a serious funnel-web spider problem in my area, and they downright terrify me. Pro Pest Control Townsville sent a guy once and they got rid of a nest. They applied their treatment, and I haven’t seen spiders since.

Logan Hall – Fast and Affordable

For the price they asked for, they did a great job with my pest problem. Would highly recommend the service!

Alicia Scofield – Saved My Books!

My library was being eaten ‘alive’ by silverfish. I couldn’t let that happen to my books, so I had Pro Pest Control Townsville send someone. They did an inspection, confirmed their presence, and began applying their treatment. It took a few days for all the silverfish to be gone, as they were scattered all over the place, but their treatment worked and now my books are saved!

Robin Myers – Thank You!

Great customer service and fast response! They answered any questions I had.

George Sullivan – Great at Their Job!

Hats off to the folks from Pro Pest Control Townsville! The big black cockroaches scurrying around at night used to scare the living daylight out of me, each time they popped out of nowhere. They had the house treated, and I haven’t seen a nightcrawler since.

Zoe Kimley – Reliable Products and Services

I have high sensitivity to strong scents due to a sinus problem, and I was afraid that pest treatment would only make it worse. I took the risk because the cockroach problem was becoming worse every day. They used pesticides with low toxicity levels, and the smell was gone in a few hours. Took the opportunity to take a walk and return to a cockroach-free home!

Sam – Good job!

I was embarrassed when I realized my restaurant had a cockroach problem. They are using bait traps and spray treatments after close of business. Now, no more roaches! They worked diligently to get rid of the issue without harming my reputation.

Jenny Thompson – Very friendly!

Pro Pest Control is my go-to for handling the spiders that sneak into my North Ward home during wet season. I have them schedule exterior treatments that keep all creepy crawlers from getting inside. Their customer service crew is always friendly when I book my regular pest control appointments.

Lisa Mackey – Major relief!

We struggled with ants swarming our Hermit Park hotel’s kitchen for months. Nothing worked until Pro team did a deep inspection tracing ants to cracks in the foundation. Sealing those up and using baits custom for our ant type finally gave major relief! No more guest complaints.