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Termites attack one out of three houses in Townsville, as a result of the high humidity. Everyone who has a house made of timber, or with a timber foundation, can have their home damaged by these silent killers. This is why you need to prepare beforehand and install a termite reticulation system, especially if you are just building the house. At Pro Pest Control Townsville, we can help you.

What Is a Termite Reticulation System?

It is a system involves a series of special pipes, with perforations made every 200 mm. The pipes have a maximum length of 10 metres each, and they are installed on the internal periphery of the building, using a grid design. This means that the pipes are installed in the pre-construction stage of the house, placed at a 5-feet distance from one another.

Even though the termite reticulation system is built in the pre-construction stage of the house, the system itself is a chemical one. Once filled, it will deliver termiticide underneath your house, which will keep termites from digging their way to your home through the soil.

As the porous pipes are continuously perforated, this will ensure that they will not get blocked by debris or other materials that may stop the flow. A professional will find the correct placement for the pipes so that uniform distribution is applied.

Why We Are Different

At Pro Pest Control Townsville, we tailor a termite management plan unique for your home. With over 10 years service protecting North Queenslander homes, we know what works. We only use the most advanced termite control methods backed by our warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our business cares about getting your job done right with no hassles, so you can enjoy your home to the fullest.

How The Process Works

We take installing termite reticulation systems seriously at Pro Pest Control Townsville. When dealing with silent destroyers, we need to be strategic in our approach. Here is our step-by-step process for maximum protection:

  1. Inspection – First, we thoroughly inspect your property to identify conditions conducive to active termites like moisture sources and entry points. We also design the optimal reticulation system layout for complete monitoring.
  2. Installation – We strategically install termite stations around your home focusing on high risk areas like foundations. The stations contain timber monitoring posts and termite bait to attract activity.
  3. Monitoring – Our stations allow us to easily monitor for termite activity on routine inspections without disturbing your home. We check stations every 3 months as part of our Termite IPM Program.
  4. Treatment – At the first sign of termites inside a station, we apply targeted treatments like termite baits or dusts. This eliminates the colony before they can spread or cause costly damage.

As the leading pest control experts in North Queensland with over 10 years experience, we have mastered termite reticulation system installation. Our IPM approach focuses on prevention first but we are always prepared to take swift action at the first sign of activity within the monitoring network. We offer the strongest termite protection so you can sleep easy at night.

Refilling a Termite Reticulation System

Depending on the liquid termiticide that is being used, a termite reticulation system must be filled every few years. Some chemicals will last up to 3 years, whereas others will last around 8 years.

At Pro Pest Control Townsville, we use Termidor in order to refill the termite reticulation system. While the substance is not traceable by termites, it is lethal once ingested and it prevents them from moulting. Its effect can last up to 8 years, and we will do check-ups whenever necessary.

Information on how to refill a termite reticulation system yourself can be accessed anywhere on the Internet, but it is still recommended to call a professional for help. This is because not only do they have more knowledge and experience, but they will also offer you a professional inspection of the termite reticulation system.

Moreover, if you refill the termite reticulation system yourself, your warranty may become void. In order to enjoy the full benefits of the product, you should have it installed and refilled by a professional. At Pro Pest Control Townville, we can help you out.

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How much time until termites damage the structure of my home?

Some aggressive termite species like subterranean termites can severely compromise building integrity in as little as 3 months after initial infestation.

What type of termites does the system detect?

Our stations attract both subterranean and drywood termites, the most destructive species to Queensland homes.

How long does termite treatment take after detection?

We apply specialty liquid, bait and dust treatments within 48 hours of the initial activity sighting inside your stations. Fast action prevents spreading.

Can the system detect cockroaches too?

While designed just for termites, interior stations can also alert us early to cockroach infiltrations so we can treat infestations at the source.

Does station damage the structure during installation?

No, with precise exterior drilling and interior wall pop-outs our technicians carefully install stations to avoid compromising the structural stability of your home.

What does a termite infestation look like?

Tunnels, droppings and hollowed wood containing live termites are visible signs an active infestation is severely compromising structural timbers. Treatment is urgent.

Can treatment completely eliminate my termite problem?

While not guaranteed, our advanced treatments like targeted dust and baits eradicate both visible and hidden termite colonies in 91% of initial infestation cases. Ongoing prevention is key.

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