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Treatment for Spiders

Spider Control Townsville

Australia is the home of over 2,400 species of spiders, some of which can be very dangerous. Due to the high humidity levels and the increased number of insects, many of those will be found in Townsville, Queensland. We can help you address the spider problem so that it does not become potentially dangerous.

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Our Treatments

To determine a spider problem, we will first do an inspection of the home to find the spider dwellings. Once we find them, we will apply treatment to kill the spiders and their eggs. In case you have an endangered spider in your home (that happens quite rarely), we may capture and release it in the wild instead.

Spiders are considered a pest not only for aesthetic reasons but also for safety reasons. Some species, especially the kind in Australia, may have venomous bites. Ssme of which may even be deadly. Even if they are not dangerous, they still leave a mess of webs behind and scare you by randomly appearing out of nowhere. Pest control is often necessary to keep them out.

Common Species

Townsville, Queensland has various species, the most common including:

  • Redback Spiders: Black with a red stripe over their rounded back, and their bite can be potentially deadly.
  • Huntsman Spiders: Very large, with 3-inch bodies and 5-inch legs on average. Their bite is not very dangerous, and they prefer to flee instead.
  • Daddy Long Legs: A common house spider that typically creates tangled webs in room corners. If the web is disturbed, the females start shaking violently.
  • Golden Orb Spiders: They spin a yellow web that is very sticky, usually in between trees and garden poles. They aren’t aggressive or harmful, except for the insects they catch.

Common Signs of a Spider Infestation

If you have a spider problem in your home, you are likely to see the following:

  • Constant spider sightings
  • Egg sacks hatched or about to be
  • Spider webs all over the house

Prevention Advice

If your home has spider potential or you notice issues here and there, here are some tips to prevent a potential infestation.

  1. Keep the Place Clutter-Free: Clutter attracts other insects, which eventually attract spiders. To prevent them from coming in, keep the place clean.
  2. Vacuum Cracks and Corners: They tend to hide in corners and cracks from your home. Vacuum frequently to get rid of the webs and potential eggs.
  3. Use Sticky Traps: Sticky traps have pheromones that attract arachnids. Once they walk over the trap, they get stuck and die there.
  4. Use a Trap: Some traps can help you catch spiders without killing them. This way, you may release them into the wild.
  5. Seal Entry Points: They get inside through cracks and holes in your wall or windows. Seal those entry points to prevent the pest from coming in.
  6. Turn Off the Lights: Light attracts insects which are likely to eat, such as moths, flies, or mosquitos. Keep the outdoor light off if you don’t use it.
  7. Clean Debris in the Yard: They like hiding underneath woodpiles, compost bins, fallen leaves, and branches. To make sure they stay away, keep your yard clean.
  8. Use Essential Oil Sprays: Like mosts pests, they hate the scent of tea tree, peppermint, eucalyptus, and citrus essential oil. Make a spray from water and a mix of these and use it on potential entry points.
  9. Keep the Right Plants: They’re also repelled by the scent released by certain plants. Lavender and mint are easy to maintain and placing them around the window or door can keep the spiders out.
  10. Take the Trash Out: Trash that’s been staying for a while will attract insects, which will attract spiders. Take the trash out to prevent a spider infestation.


How Much Does Spider Control Cost?

The cost will mostly depend on the type of spider control that you need. Prevention costs around $35, whereas treating an active infestation costs around $160.

Do I Have to Leave the House During the Treatment?

In most cases, there will be no need for you to leave your home during spider treatment. The only exception is if you have sensitivity to chemicals or if you are pregnant. In that case, you might want to leave the house for the next couple of hours.

How Long will treatment take to work?

If you have an infestation, the majority of the spiders will be dead within the first few hours. Expect from 7-14 days to be completely spider-free.

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