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Termite Inspections Townsville

About one out of three houses in Queensland is attacked by termites every year, which puts unprotected homes in Townsville at high risk. Thus, you need to offer your home appropriate protection, lest you may have thousands of dollars’ worth of structural damage.

For your home to be protected, it needs to meet the Australian Standards AS 3660.2-2000. At Pro Pest Control, we can make sure that your home meets those standards and that your property is marked safe from termite attacks.

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Who Are Termite Inspections For?

Termite inspections are necessary for a variety of people owning or looking for a home in Townsville. For instance, before getting a mortgage, you must get a pest control check first, which also includes a termite inspection.

Aside from it being a requirement from lenders, a pest inspection is recommended for the homeowner’s peace of mind. This way, you will be sure that you are not overpaying for a house with a potential termite problem.

Homeowners living in areas where humidity is high should also get termite inspections at least once a year. This puts Townsville on the list as well, as the humidity of Queensland is among the highest throughout Australia.

If you had termites before, you should also make sure that you get regular termite inspections. Homes that have been hit by termites before may have a predisposition for future termite attacks, especially if they do not have a termite barrier installed. You have complete peace of mind with our expertise and knowledge of termites.

Our Townsville termite inspection service costs $220. Plus our pest control service is $190.

Termite Inspector Using Moisture Meter

Areas that We Inspect

When undergoing a termite inspection, we will go through the following areas:

  • Indoor

We will inspect every nook, crevice, or area in your home where termites may hide. This includes floors walls, ceilings, roof voids, ventilation, timber cabinets, architraves, door jambs, crevices under your house, and many more. Each home is different, and we will inspect every area that has the potential of housing termites.

  • Outdoor

Termites are also likely to stay or feed outdoors before they move inside your home. As a result, we will inspect gutters, dead trees, soil, stumps, garden beds, sheds, roofing battens, beams and trusses, outdoor vents, skylights, down piping, firewood, and many more. Yards and gardens are different in every home, so we will check every area for termite presence and potential.

Tools We Use

Our termite inspections include the use of various tools, which will determine not only the presence of termites but also their potential. During a termite inspection, we will use the following tools:

  • Moisture Meters: Can detect high humidity levels that make it more likely for the pest colony to settle in.
  • Thermal Imaging: Thermal imaging detects a heat pattern, which might suggest the presence of the pest.
  • Termite Tapper: It uses a technique called “tapping” to determine whether there is a colony present in your home or not.
  • Torch: A light source used to find deformities in dark areas or termite presence.
  • Termatrac: A professional microwave radar that can determine whether there is a termite presence or not.

What If Termites Are Found?

If termites are found, then we will write all of our findings in a termite inspection report. Once the detailed report has been finished, depending on the circumstances, you may be given advice on how to control your termite problem.

If pest issues are confirmed, the first step would be to apply live spraying. We use Termidor in case our termite inspections reveal termites. Once the termite colony is eliminated, we will proceed to add a termite barrier around your home, to protect it against future pests.

Termite Treatment Services

If our termite inspections confirm the presence of pests in your home, our pest controllers can offer you the following services:

  • Live Termite Treatment

Live termite treatment is necessary when you have a current termite colony in your home. The treatment should be applied before installing a termite barrier – not doing so will simply trap the termites inside your home. Within the first 48 hours, the entire colony should be significantly diminished.

  • Termite Barriers

Once the home has been given its clean slate by the live termite spraying, it is time to install a termite barrier. In this case, the most common type of barrier is the chemical barrier. This is applied around homes that are already built. The alternative is the physical barrier, but this is usually installed in the pre-building stage of the home. We recommend and use Termidor in order to set up a chemical termite barrier.

  • Termite Baiting Systems

Termite baiting systems are great for monitoring and controlling potential future termite infestations. These baiting systems contain cellulose cartridges that are more attractive to termites as opposed to regular wood. When the baiting system confirms the pest, the non-toxic cellulose will be replaced by toxic-laced cartridges, which will diminish the termite colony.


How Long Does a Termite Inspection Take?

Termite inspections typically take between 1 and 2 hours to be finalised. This will depend on the size of your property, including your home and your yard.

How Much Does Termite Treatment Cost?

A termite inspection will start from $220. Our pest controllers will determine the final price of the inspection based on the size of your home.

Termite Facts

  • Termites have wings, although they rarely use them. They will often fly when relocating their colony from one point to another.
  • There are 2,300 species of termites in the entire world, 360 of which can be found in Australia.
  • A termite queen can lay one egg every 3 seconds, which means a little over 10 million eggs per year.
  • Termites never sleep. They either work (the soldiers) or lay eggs (the queen), day in and day out.
  • Termites can communicate through pheromones, which they use to call their colony towards a potential feeding area (i.e., your home).

Pest Management Services

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  • Commercial Pest Control
  • Pre Purchase Building and Pest Insepction
  • Pest Inspections
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  • Termite Inspections
  • Termite Barriers
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