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Termite Baiting Systems Townsville

Termite baiting systems are an asset in every Townsville home, as there is one out of three chances for the termites to attack your house. A termite baiting stem will monitor termite activity in your home and prevent an attack from spreading before it even starts. At Pro Pest Control Townsville, we can help protect your home by installing the termite baiting system for you.

Brands Recommended

There are various brands used for monitoring and controlling termite infestations. We use the following brands:

  • Sentricon

Sentricon termite baiting systems use Noviflumuron at their base, a growth inhibitor that will prevent termites from maturing and killing them when they try to moult. These baits were given an AlwaysActive technology that will deter the termites away from your home and attract them to the delicious bait.

Sentricon® | The No. 1 Bait System for Termite Control

  • Trelona

Just like Sentricon, Trelona also laces the bait with a growth inhibitor – in this case, Novaluron. The termiticide will not kill the termites directly but will transfer from one soldier to another until it gets to the queen. This will help exterminate an entire existing colony.

Trelona® Termite Bait System (ATBS)

  • Exterra

Exterra uses bait that is advertised as environmentally friendly and is not toxic to pets or humans. The first stage of the bait system uses FOCUS Termite Attractant™ technology, which is 10 times more attractive to termite than wood. The second stage uses REQUIEM®, which is bait laced with a growth inhibitor.

EXTERRA Termite Bait Stations

How Termite Baits Work

Termite baiting systems have two roles: to monitor the termite activity in an area that may or may not have termites and to eradicate a colony in which termite activity has been confirmed through the bait.

Termite baits are generally put up after a home has received live spraying. This way, if a termite colony decides to return to your home, or if a new one discovers the potential of your home, the bait will tell you everything that you need to know.

Overall, here are the stages through which a baiting system goes:

  • Stage 1: Termite Monitoring

During the termite monitoring stage, the termite baiting system will contain non-toxic cellulose bait, with the purpose of intercepting termites and deterring them from coming into your home. These baits are much tastier to termites as compared to regular wood, and as a result, the termite will begin gathering there instead of your home.

Over time, all the termites that would have reached your home would be eating at the bait. By checking the bait, you should be able to determine whether you have termite activity on your property or not. From that point on, you should be able to move on to the next step of your termite monitoring process.

Bear in mind that the position of the bait will also affect the efficiency of the termite monitoring system. If the bait is placed too close to your home, then you will still be putting your house in danger. If it’s too far, then the termites may not be able to find the bait.

This is why you need to hire professionals that know exactly where to put the bait. At Pro Pest Control Townsville, we can help install termite baits that will easily intercept any wandering termites.

  • Stage 2: Termite Extermination

Once a termite infestation has been confirmed around the non-toxic bait, it is time for the second stage of your termite protection process: the removal. By this point, most of the termites are likely feeding from the bait, so you will have to switch the bait from a non-toxic to a toxic one. At Pro Pest Control Townsville, we can help you switch the baits.

The termite will not even notice the change in the bait, as the termiticide is undetectable. However, once consumed, it will prevent the termites from moulting. This process is essential for their development, and if they can’t, they will die. However, before they die, they will carry the termiticide to their colony and infect other termites as well – including the termite queen.


Can You Refill a Termite Baits by Yourself?

You can refill a termite baiting system provided you have the right equipment. The problem is that unless you have a professional install it for you, DIY refilling may cause you to lose your warranty. Plus, by having a professional pest controller refill the bait, you will be certain that the process is done correctly. We can help you refill the bait, ensuring that everything goes smoothly.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Termite Baiting System?

The initial installation is usually between $2500 and $3,500, depending on the system that you get. This will cover servicing, baiting, and monitoring the termites for the next 12 months.

Are There Any Ongoing Fees?

You will have to pay a yearly maintenance. This can add up to $800-$900, and over time, these ongoing fees might end up costing three times the price of a installing termite barriers.


Termite baiting systems provide an effective way to protect an average 3-4 bedroom house from termite infestations, at a relatively affordable cost. Initially the installation of such a system can range between $2000-$3000 with annual maintenance ranging from $300 up to$1,000; providing peace of mind for homeowners across Australia.

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