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Termites and other pests can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your most valuable investment – your home. At Pro Pest Control, our Townsville-based team of experts has over 10 years of combined experience providing effective pest control solutions to property owners like you. We take personal pride in protecting your property from termite inspection to treatment.

Experience and Licensing

Pro Pest Control Townsville is fully licensed and insured by the Queensland Government under the 2001 Pest Management Act. We follow the standards of the Department of Health to ensure that your home stays clear of termites.

As a professional pest control company, we offer comprehensive Termite Inspection and a full range of expert Pest Treatments to eliminate common household pests and prevent further pest issues or infestations.

Our experienced team stays current on the latest pest control methods and solutions to keep your property safe.

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  1. Thorough Inspection – We conduct a comprehensive termite inspection using the latest technology like thermal imaging to find signs of termites inside and outside your home. We inspect slabs, foundations, attics, and crawl spaces.
  2. Identification & Analysis – Next, we identify what type of termites you have and analyze conditions enabling the infestation like moisture issues. Identifying the species and colony location is key for effective treatment.
  3. Customized Treatment Plan – We create a tailored treatment plan based on the inspection findings.
  4. Treatment Application – Our licensed technicians apply the prescribed treatment(s) based on our integrated pest management (IPM) approach. Treatments are strategically applied to eradicate termites at the source.
  5. Ongoing Prevention & Monitoring – We offer quarterly, biannual, or annual termite inspections and treatments to prevent future infestations. Monitoring ensures your home remains termite-free for the long run.

Treatment methods that may be used include:

  • Chemical barriers – Termidor, Biflex, Brava
  • Baits and stations
  • Dust and foams
  • Fumigation (tenting)
  • Wood treatments
  • Heat/cold treatment

Benefits of Termite Control

  • Protects your most valuable investment – your home or business.
  • Preventing the spread of active termites by eliminating the colony and preventing further spread within the property which reduces future pest issues.
  • Defense against harmful pests provides peace of mind that your property is safe from termites.
  • Termite activity and damage can be detected early before major infestation.
  • Customized treatments tailored to your specific termite colony and property conditions.
  • By stopping a termite infestation early before extensive structural damage, which can cause many thousands of dollars in repairs, the investment in termite control has a strong ROI.

Risk Warning: Left untreated for long periods, termite damage to buildings can become extensive and costly. Don’t wait to take proactive measures. Schedule professional inspection!

Signs You Need a Pest Control Plan

Watch out for these indicators:

  • Visible Termite Damage – If you notice cracks in drywall, peeling paint, warped wood, or holes in siding, it could be termites actively infesting the area. Termite damage is often hidden though, so their presence is not always obvious.
  • Swarming Termites – Seeing winged termites swarming around your home during mating season means colonies have formed inside and treatment is urgently needed to eliminate nests.
  • Mud Tubes – If you spot narrow mud tubes which termites build to travel unseen on foundation walls or wooden structures, it confirms termite activity requiring extermination.
  • Droppings and Discarded Wings – Small piles of termite fecal matter pellets or cast off wings around baseboards or window sills also indicates their presence.
  • Rotting Wood – Wood damaged from moisture making it attractive for termites to burrow and feast. They target weather exposed or underground wood surfaces.
  • Conducive Conditions – Easy access to moisture and wood food sources through cracks, poor drainage, leaky pipes, etc allow termites to thrive and breed.

If you observe any signs of possible termites, catching them early is key!

Termite Facts

Interesting facts about termites in Australia:

  • There are over 350 termite species across Australia, more than any other country.
  • Termites cause over $1 billion in property damage every year nationwide.
  • A single colony can contain several million insects living in interconnected nest systems.
  • They swarm during certain seasons – this is a sign of established infestation requiring treatment.
  • They feed on cellulose material – mainly the wood in homes causing structural damage from tunneling inside.
  • They travel through existing cracks and build narrow mud tube tunnels to reach food sources unseen.

Our Advantage

  • 10 Years Experience
  • Latest Products and Chemicals
  • Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Guaranteed Protection & Extensive Knowledge
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  • Licensed by Queensland Government
  • AEPMA Member
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What We Offer

  • Pre-Construction & Post-Construction
  • Treatments for Different Structures (Single Family Residences, Multi-Family, and Commercial Structures)
  • Baiting using Exterra and Sentricon
  • Termite Barriers using Termidor
  • Termite Management System
  • Regular Maintenance Treatments

Our Service Areas

  • Roseneath
  • Wulguru
  • Mount Stuart
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  • Majors Creek


What type of pest is a termite?

Termites are wood-destroying insects that live in colonies and can severely damage the structure of homes and businesses if left untreated.

What types of treatment do you offer?

We utilize a variety of proven termite treatments including chemical barriers, baits, dust and foams, fumigation tenting, wood preservatives, and heat/cold application customized to your infestation.

How do your treatments create physical barriers?

Our liquid chemical treatments soak deep into wood and soil around the home’s foundation and slab to create long-lasting barriers that ward off termites.

Do you have experience managing termite infestations?

With over 10 years of professional experience in pest management services, our technicians are experts at treating all types of termite species through integrated methods.

What does your termite protection plan include?

Our customizable plans include detailed property inspection, strategic treatment plan based on termite type and activity locations, follow-up maintenance appointments, warranties.

What is the difference between termites and white ants?

Termites and white ants are common names for the same wood-destroying insects typically living underground that can severely compromise structural integrity.

When is the best time to treat for termites?

Its ideal to treat in early spring or summer when colonies are most active. However, treatment whenever signs are spotted is critical to preventing serious damage long-term.

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