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Silverfish Control Townsville

Silverfish are very common in Townsville households, due to the average humidity of the area. As they have the potential of damaging a wide category of personal items, it is very important to apply pest control when it is necessary. The experts at Pro Pest Control can come to your aid.

How We Treat Silverfish

At Pro Pest Control Townsville, we will first check the area for silverfish presence. Once we find the nest, we will eradicate it by applying the treatment. With the silverfish problem brought under control, we will apply a chemical barrier so that the pest won’t come back into your home.

Why Are They Considered Pests?

Unlike other pests, silverfish do not have the potential of carrying disease, and they are very good at hiding from a human’s sight. At most, they will cause the occasional allergy. However, since their main food sources are cellulose and starch, they can eat anything from your stored food, wallpaper, books, and even clothes. Thus, they can cause significant damage within the household.

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General Information about Silverfish

Despite what their name may suggest, silverfish are not exactly fish – they are very small insects with a body shape similar to fish and move like a fish as well. They prefer humid areas and love eating starch and cellulose, which is why you are likely to find them in basements, libraries, and kitchens.

Common Signs of a Silverfish Infestation

A silverfish problem is often accompanied by the following signs:

  • You see silverfish crawling in various spots of your home
  • Unexplainable allergies, especially in the more humid areas
  • Yellow stains on the belongings
  • Silverfish droppings (they look like black peppercorn)
  • Damage to the starch or cardboard items from your home
  • Silverfish moulting all over the house

Treatment Tips and Advice

If you are dealing with a low-level silverfish problem, try these tips before you call for the pest controller:

  1. Get a Dehumidifier: They like humid spaces, which is why you need to bring air humidity at normal levels. A dehumidifier can help you out.
  2. Use Diatomaceous Earth: Diatomaceous earth will stick to the exoskeleton of the silverfish and pull all the moisture out of it. This will kill them.
  3. Remove Clutter: Clutter attracts silverfish, as it gives them a lot of dark hiding spaces. By removing clutter, especially cardboard, you may prevent their apparition.
  4. Use Silverfish Traps: You may now buy silverfish control traps from convenience stores. These traps use boric acid, which will kill them upon contact.
  5. Vacuum the Place Regularly: Dry crumbs on the floor tend to attract silverfish. By vacuuming regularly, you may prevent them from gathering.
  6. Place a Newspaper Trap: They love cellulose and paper, so roll a wet newspaper and place it where they are most active. The silverfish will move into this perfect habitat, and you can throw the trap away in a few days.
  7. Seal Entry Points: They often get inside the house through cracks, holes, and crevices. They also serve as good hiding spots, so you may want to seal them.
  8. Clean Your Gutters: Gutters have a lot of humidity, which tends to attract silverfish. So, clean your gutters to prevent an infestation.
  9. Apply Cedar Oil: They are repelled by the strong scent of cedar. Make a spray out of it or apply some cedar essential oil in a diffuser.
  10. Put a Jar Over the Dry Foods: They are likely to raid your dry food stocks, such as starch or cereal. By putting a lid over them, not only will you protect your food, but you will also prevent an infestation.


  1. How Much Does Silverfish Control Cost?

The cost of it will mostly depend on the size of your home, as well as the severity of the infestation. Treatment prices can go from $200 to $600, a price that will be determined by the pest control professional upon inspection.

  1. Are they Harmful to Human Health?

Silverfish are not physically harmful to humans, as they do not bite, nor are they known to transmit disease. Still, their presence can trigger allergic reactions in those who are more sensitive.

  1. How Soon Will the Silverfish Be Gone?

Most of it should be gone in about 48 hours after the treatment has been applied. However, for the silverfish that are in hiding or away from the nest, it might take up to two weeks.

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