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White Ant Control Townsville

Due to the average high humidity in Queensland, termite activity is very high, especially in Townsville. One out of three homes is attacked by white ants every year. It is important to have a pest control plan ready, to keep your house protected. At Pro Pest Control Townsville, our qualified technicians can help you with this task.

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How We Treat White Ants

We will inspect the house to confirm you’re dealing with termite activity. We will use a variety of tools during our inspection, such as torches and insect detectors. Once termites are confirmed, we will apply live treatment to kill the white ants. When the white ants have been treated, we will install various barriers such as chemical barriers and termite baiting systems.

Why Are White Ants Considered Pests?

While white ants are not necessarily health hazards (except for the occasional allergy in sensitive groups), they are home hazards. They feed on wood, weakening the structure of your home.

Depending on the severity of the infestation, white ants can lead to damage that goes beyond repair. This is why it is necessary to call the pros when you notice white ant activity, as it can save your home.

Recognising White Ants in Townsville

White ants are typically known as subterranean termites, which is one of the most common types of termites in Townsville. Compared to regular ants, white ants are shorter and fatter, with amber or sandy colour and a dark head. They live in wood and like eating cellulose, which makes them a problem for the average Townsville household.

Common Signs of a White Ant Infestation

White ants are quite good at hiding – so, if you cannot see the ants but you still suspect pest activity, you might want to hire a professional to look for the signs. At Pro Pest Control Townsville, we use various tools to prevent a potential infestation.

How Do You Know You Have a White Ant Problem?

Before you call a pest controller, there are certain signs you might want to look for as well. Here are the red flags that might suggest a white ant problem:

  • Damaged timber that seems to be rotting
  • “Clicking” noise coming from within the wall
  • Mould and mildew smell coming from the wall
  • White ant droppings
  • Discarded wings that belong to white ants
  • Flying white ants (common when the colony just starts moving in your home)
  • Empty hollows and tunnels in the wood.

Treatment Tips and Advice for White Ants

White ants can be prevented with a few tricks used beforehand. It is important to know when to call pest control, to stop a severe infestation. That being said, here is what you can do on your own:

  • Get a Dehumidifier

White ants thrive in areas with high humidity levels. To keep things at proper levels, you might want to get a dehumidifier.

  • Coat Wood with Borate

White ants hate borate. Before you paint the wood, give it a borate coat. White ants will be deterred by the borate seeped in the wood.

  • Take the Clutter Out

Clutter makes a great hiding spot for white ants. So, to prevent an infestation, you might want to declutter your home.

  • Keep Firewood in Dry Areas

Before entering your home, white ants are likely going to look for firewood in humid areas. Keep the wood in dry areas to prevent an infestation.

  • Repair Any Plumbing Leaks

Leaky pipes release moisture into the air and around the plumbing, which attracts white ants. If you have any leaks, make sure to repair them.


  1. How Much Does White Ant Control Cost in Townsville?

White ant control in Townsville is typically charged between $300 and $3,500. This depends on whether you need preventive treatment or live spraying for current infestations.

  1. When Will White Ant Control Be Effective?

White ant activity will be significantly reduced within the first 48 hours. That being said, it might take up to one month for a bigger white ant entire colony to be removed.

  1. Does My House Need Any Preparation?

This will depend on where you are getting the treatment. If you are applying it in your yard, you will likely not need to make any preparation. However, if the treatment is applied indoors, you may need to move your furniture away from the walls.

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