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Fleas have the potential of spreading very fast, as they can lay up to 8 eggs after just one meal. To prevent your pet from feeling discomfort, you might want to call pest control as soon as you see the first flea.

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How We Treat Them

Here’s the guide to our process:

  1. Inspection – We thoroughly inspect all home interior and exterior to identify harborages, eggs, larvae. This pest detection locates the infestation source.
  2. Vacuuming – Thorough vacuuming removes loosely living adult fleas and exposed eggs. The vacuum contents are immediately disposed of outside.
  3. Pesticides – Targeted application of IGRs and residual chemicals approved for indoor use eradicates and disrupts growth stages. Barriers prevent re-entry.
  4. Sanitation – We eliminate alternate food sources by advising removal of accessible pet food crumbs. Clients follow cleaning guidance to support control and barrier maintenance.
  5. Follow-ups – Technicians schedule follow-up monitoring and applications to catch hatching eggs and establish comprehensive mortality. Ongoing flea maintenance is available if needed.

With no means left to reproduce, the infestation completely ends.

Why Are Fleas Considered Pests?

While they rarely bite humans (although there is that possibility), they are considered a pest because they put your pets through a lot of discomfort. As they are parasites that feed off the blood, they can carry blood-borne diseases from one pet to another, exposing your fluffy companion to further health risks.

Common Species in Townsville

Typically, fleas have a brown to black colour, but can also take a reddish hue after they feed. And while they are small, their back legs allow them to jump very high and fast. This makes them quite difficult to catch, which is why it is recommended to hire a pest control technician.

The common cat flea is the smallest but most prevalent in Townsville, infesting cats, dogs, and even human bedding and furniture.

Signs of Infestation

If you see one flea, you may take it as a sign of an infestation. Their infestations grow fast, mainly because it takes one meal from your pet in order for them to lay eggs. If you see just one in your home, you might want to call one of our professional pest controllers from Pro Pest Control Townsville.

How Do You Know You Have a Flea Problem?

The chances are high that you will see the following signs:

  • Your pet seems to be scratching all the time
  • You see them in your home or on your pet
  • Your pet bedding has numerous small blood stains
  • Your pet seems to always be restless
  • There are flea eggs in your carpet or on your furniture

Treatment Tips and Advice

Preventing fleas from getting on your pet will also deter them from entering your home. Here are a few tips:

  1. Get Your Pet to the Vet: Your vet can recommend internal or external flea control for your pet. This will prevent the them from labelling your pet as a juicy meal.
  2. Get a Collar: Collars are less invasive options for keeping your pet flea-free. These collars are chemically treated to deter them.
  3. Vacuum Often: They often like to hide or lay their eggs on your carpet. Frequent vacuuming might dislodge and remove fleas along with their eggs.
  4. Use Shampoo: If you notice that your pet is scratching, switch the regular shampoo with flea shampoo. A couple of washes may get them off.
  5. Use a Lemon Spray: They don’t like the smell of lemon. Make a spray out of water and lemon and use it on your furniture and pet bedding.
  6. Sprinkle Cedar Chips: Cedar, just like lemon, repels fleas. Sprinkle some cedar chips where you believe there is pest activity.


How Much Does Flea Control Cost in Townsville?

It starts at around $100, but the price will very often depend on the size of the house along with the severity of the infestation.

How Long Does It Take to Work?

Typically, you should see a significant reduction within the first 24 hours. That being said, depending on the severity of the infestation, it might take a couple of days, or even weeks, until all the fleas and their eggs are gone.

Will the Treatment Affect My Pet?

For the most part, flea treatment should not affect your pet, as long as they do not come into direct contact with the wet substance.

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