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Commercial Pest Control Experts

Businesses in Townsville have always been at risk of pest problems, as the average humidity is between 60% and 75%. As a result, creepy crawlies such as termites, silverfish, cockroaches, rodents, and many more can affect various companies.

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Experience, Licenses, and Insurance

We have years of extensive experience backing us up. Every pest controller is properly trained to get rid of potential issues safely and efficiently.

We are licensed by the Queensland Department of Health, under the Pest Management Act regulation. Our technicians are fully insured so that all of our clients can receive excellent commercial pest control service in Townsville.

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  1. Strata

Pests may damage the property and may also lead to health issues. You must keep your buildings free of pests to ensure the health of people working or living there. Problems might also lead to complaints from the tenants, causing the termination of contracts.

  1. Offices

An office with pests will have multiple interruptions, whether it’s because they will damage the property or because they will scare the workers. They are also health hazards, as many of them carry viruses and bacteria (i.e., cockroaches and rodents). We will ensure that your employees work at their best performance, without having their health affected.

  1. Retail Shops

Pest control problems are very common in retail shops, due to the high traffic and the items that are held in storage. This clears a path for infestations, which can be devastating for retail shops in Townsville. This can put your stored items in danger of being eaten by pests, or it can compromise the health of your workers. We can keep your retail shop safe from it.

  1. Shopping Centres

Due to their size, shopping centres have no control over their open doors. This allows pests of all sizes to come inside, and they will eventually make their way into storage. Not only will this affect the products and the profits of the shopping centre overall, but it will also put the health of the workers in danger. Ongoing treatment is needed to remove potential current infestations and prevent future ones.

  1. Restaurants

Restaurants have pantries full of food and dumpsters full of leftovers. This will seem like a buffet for pests, and without the proper treatment, nothing will stop them from coming inside. Aside from damaging the products that you have in storage, they may also scare your clients, leaving the restaurant with a bad reputation. Implementing a prevention strategy is important, as it can keep the pests out of your restaurant.

  1. Schools and Universities

Schools and universities have always been known to have pest problems because not every student cleans their leftovers after them. The open doors in the buildings also create a way for them to scurry around freely. The most common here include cockroaches and rodents, which can put the health of the students and everyone else on campus at risk. Pest control is essential in these circumstances, as it removes possible current infestations and creates a barrier.

  1. Childcare

Children are part of the category that is most likely to get ill. At young ages, they may not know how to protect themselves from bacteria and viruses on the floor. They might not think twice about grabbing that piece of candy they dropped and putting it back in their mouth. Since pests carry disease, it is essential to keep the environment pest-free to protect the health of the children and childcare workers.

  1. Hotels

Hotels get large swarms of people every day, creating the perfect opportunity for pests to come in. From rodents to cockroaches and bedbugs, there might not be any way to keep them out without pest control to keep things in check. Without a plan to keep them out, you can put the health of the visitors in danger. This may also lead to bad reviews and the eventual closing of the business.

  1. Government

Government establishments have many people coming through their doors, which can allow pests to come in. Rodents, cockroaches, and silverfish may ruin important documents, but can also carry disease inside. Our service will maintain good health for anyone crossing the threshold but will also protect the building from damage.


No matter the industry that you are in, it’s important to conduct regular pest management. Not only is it the sensible thing to do for your clients’ health, but it will also protect your business.

The Queensland Government can close any business in Townsville that does not meet pest control regulations, especially if sightings have been noted. Our service can stop a current issue and it can also keep pests at bay in the future.

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