Frequently Asked Questions

At Pro Pest Control Townsville, we are always happy to hear from our clients, just as we like keeping you informed. To make matters easier for you, here are the most common questions that we receive, along with their respective answers.

What kinds of pests do you treat?

We treat all common pests including cockroaches, spiders, ants, mosquitos, rodents, termites, bed bugs, fleas, ticks, and more. Our customized plans target any pest issue.

How do you treat a bed bug infestation?

Our bed bug treatment is a comprehensive process including inspection to locate hideouts, targeted insecticide applications, steam treatments, and post-treatment monitoring. We help ensure bed bugs are eliminated.

Do your pest control methods include extermination?

While we always start with the most eco-friendly methods, some severe pest cases do require insecticide spray treatments or rodent extermination. Your technician will discuss options.

How soon can you come treat an emergency pest issue?

We offer next-day emergency pest control for infestations or health hazards related to stinging insects, spiders, rodents, or similar. Just call our 24/7 number!

What information do you need when I call about pest control?

Please describe the type and extent of pest issue, problematic areas in the home, pets or people with health conditions, and availability. This helps us prepare the optimal treatment plan.

Will pesticides you use harm my family or pets?

No, we select pesticides according to published toxicity data and application methods that minimize risk in your living spaces, especially with children and pets.

How can I prevent pests from entering my home?

Proper sealing of entry points, sanitation practices, prompt trash removal, moisture control, and landscaping for pest deterrence are key for preventing infestations. Ask us how to pest-proof your home!

What qualifications do your pest control technicians have?

Our seasoned technicians complete rigorous training and continuing education on insect/rodent biology and habits, pesticide science, regulated applications, and customer service. We background check all technicians.

What areas of my house will you need to access to treat pests?

Attics, basements, crawlspaces, cabinets, room edges and corners, and outdoors around the foundation and roof eaves are common pest treatment areas. We’ll discuss exact needs at your home.

Do I need to be home during pest control service?

While it’s not required, we recommend it to discuss any issues and answer questions. We’re also happy to arrange service when it’s convenient for you.

What should I do to prepare for your arrival?

Simply clearing clutter and ensuring safe access to treatment areas helps us work quickly and effectively. We’ll discuss specifics when booking.

Should I clean up dead pests after your service?

No need. As part of treatment, we’ll remove and properly dispose of any insect bodies. Just let us know if you notice any so we can target those areas.

What if I have a pet that stays outdoors?

Make sure to keep them away from treated areas until dry. We avoid spraying animals, gardens, play areas when possible. Let us know if you have any health concerns.

What precautions should I take with small children after pest treatment?

Keep children away until all spray deposits are dry, then ventilate the rooms. Our kid-friendly methods pose minimal risks, but avoid treated areas as an extra safeguard. We’re glad to offer additional tips!

Can your treatments damage my belongings or surfaces?

No, we select pesticides that are non-staining and suitable for use in homes. However, please point out any valuables or concerns you may have.

How long will pest treatment take?

Service calls range from 30 minutes for a small issue up to several hours for a major infestation across an entire home. We’ll discuss expectations when you schedule service.

Do you offer any pest control guarantees?

Yes, all our work is guaranteed. If a pest issue returns despite proper initial treatment, just call us back out for free re-treatment during the guarantee period.

What safety gears do your technicians use?

Per regulations, our technicians wear respirators, protective eyewear, chemical-resistant gloves, leg and foot coverings, and even body suits as needed based on treatments.

What information do you provide after service?

We provide documents summarizing treatment details, prep/safety guidelines, re-treatment rights, tips to maintain effectiveness, and contact info if any future issues arise. Just ask if you need anything else!

What residential pest control services do you offer?

We treat home infestations of ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas, mosquitoes, rodents, spiders, termites, ticks, and other common pests with customized plans to eliminate them.

Do you provide commercial pest control for businesses?

Yes, we’re fully experienced at controlling pest issues in workplaces, restaurants, hotels, warehouses, and other properties, while navigating business hours and operations.

When should I schedule pest inspection services?

We recommend integrated pest management (IPM) inspections every 3 months preventatively, or whenever you suspect an existing or recurring infestation requiring treatment.

Can you perform building and pest inspections before I purchase a property?

Our licensed technicians perform pre-purchase building and timber pest inspections to uncover termite damage or conducive conditions that could lead to future infestations.

How do you treat active termite infestations?

We utilize Termidor® termiticide products for science-based termite elimination treatments, paired with moisture control and soil barriers for comprehensive protection.

What does termite inspection from your company include?

Our detailed termite inspections involve probing materials for live insects and expert evaluation of any structural damage present, all documented in an inspection report.

What types of termite barriers do you offer?

We install indoor and outdoor liquid and physical barriers including Termidor® and reticulation systems that professionally prevent termite entry and feeding on your home.

Can you install termite baiting systems?

Yes, we expertly install and monitor subterranean and aerial termite baiting systems that draw pests to a monitored bait matrix for population elimination at the colony level.

How are termite reticulation systems beneficial?

Perimeter plumbing reticulation creates a continuous treated zone that eliminates 99% of termite colonies attempting to enter from surrounding soil. It’s the ultimate barrier.

Is Termidor® treatment effective and safe?

Termidor® contains Fipronil, providing maximum termite kill and residual effectiveness for whole-structure protection, yet is pet and human-friendly when applied correctly.

What is included in your ant extermination services?

We identify ant nests through inspection then use protein or sweet baits alongside spray treatments of pesticide products specifically targeting various ant species.

What process do you use to get rid of bed bugs?

Our bed bug treatment involves inspection to find all hideouts, crack and crevice spraying, steam heat treatments, application of desiccant dusts, and follow up visits to kill bugs at all life stages.

How soon after a cockroach treatment will I see results?

After targeted spraying and bait placement to kill adult roaches, you should begin seeing population decline within 3-5 days as residual insecticides also impact nymphs and eggs.

You mentioned flea control – what does that entail?

Our flea removal begins with inspection to pinpoint infestation hotspots, then applying pesticides and insect growth regulators to kill all life stages, eliminate eggs, and prevent further breeding.

What products do you use for indoor mosquito elimination?

To clear mosquitoes inside the home, we strategically apply insecticides containing synthetic pyrethroids, which provide long-lasting knockdown and kill of mosquitoes while keeping pets and humans safe when dried.

What is involved in your rodent extermination process?

We ensure all points of entry are sealed then install tamper-resistant rodent bait stations loaded with quick-kill rodenticide blocks to eliminate mouse or rat families from the property.

How soon can you come treat a black widow spider infestation?

Black widow presence constitutes an emergency service call for us. We respond to spider infestations of this toxicity level within 24 hours to implement immediate control protocols.

What chemicals do you use to control silverfish?

Our silverfish treatments rely on boric acid powder and phantom aerosol insecticides applied into deep harborage areas like wall voids or cracks where these insects congregate.

Are your tick control services just for yards or can you treat indoors too?

Yes, we apply long-lasting liquid concentrates or granules to vegetation and yards for outdoor tick prevention. And we spray infested structures, kennels, etc to clear an indoor tick concern quickly.

What is the most effective method you use for eliminating white ants?

For hazardous wood-destroying pests like white ants aka termites, we drill-and-inject Termidor® termiticide which transfers throughout their underground tunnels to destroy all colony members.

What areas do you service?

We serve homeowners and businesses across Townsville. Just give us a call to discuss your pest issue.