Why Is Annual Pest Control Important?

Is Annual Pest Control Important?

Ah, the age-old and seemingly unbeatable question: Do I need pest control every year?

Well, let’s face it folks, pest control isn’t exactly the most exciting thing to chat about over dinner.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not important! We’re all hankerin’ for a peaceful home life after a hectic day at work or school. Yet, pesky pests can quickly step in and turn our cozy abodes into live battlefields. So here’s our two-cents worth on this issue: yep, you need annual pest control! It might not be your idea of a good time, but it will give you peace of mind knowing those uninvited guests are gone for good. Plus, buying professional pest control means you get a healthier home for you and your loved ones. Get ready to figure out the best reasons to treat your property on a regular basis. Keep reading if you dare!

1. Save Your Money

The economical benefits of hiring an exterminator are on the top of the list. It’s important to consider the fact that experts know exactly what they’re doing. By taking on the matter yourself, you might end up making costly mistakes due to lack of experience and knowledge. Expert exterminators have been trained in the best strategies for eliminating even the most stubborn of pests. With their help, you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting a job well done. All without breaking the bank!

2. On-call service all year round

Not only will you save money in the long run by hiring an expert, but they also offer an unbeatable on-call service to boot! That’s right, you can count on these professionals 24/7, even throughout holidays and other special occasions. With a professional service, you can enjoy an on-call service all year long!

3. Safer – Reduced pesticide use

Hiring professionals also provides you with the benefit of reduced pesticide use. After all, these folks know exactly what they’re doing and apply just the right amount of treatment for eliminating and preventing pests from coming back. By choosing to take care of the issue yourself, you could accidentally overuse pesticides which can be dangerous for adults, children, and pets alike!

4. Stress-Free Lifestyle

No one likes to live with stress. Wandering bugs and critters can be incredibly annoying and could potentially cause serious damage to your property, but with their help, you can rest assured that everything is handled in a timely fashion. All you have to do is enjoy some peace of mind knowing that it’s all taken care of – they even remind you when it comes time for regular maintenance inspections which makes it easy to stay on top of things. Bye bye stress!

5. Reduce Potential Health Threats

No one likes to think about potential health threats. But by employing the help of a pest control company, you can ensure that any possible risks will be eliminated. These affordable and reliable services specialise in ensuring that your house remains clean, safe and free from pests. So say goodbye to those looming worries!

Potential health threats from pests include allergies, allergic reactions, food-borne diseases and introduction of parasites.

6. Live Pest-Free!

Another benefit is, you can finally enjoy living in a pest-free home! This invaluable service not only eliminates current alien intruders but it also helps to discourage new ones from coming around. It eliminates both the nuisance and the danger that pests can bring and allows you to relax without worrying about potential health risks or damage to your property.

Live pest free - Without scary spiders

7. Structural Damage to Property

When it comes to structural damage to property caused by pests, prevention is always the best route you can take. Trained experts can not only handle any current pest problem, but they can also give you advice on preventative measures as well. Whether it’s spot-treating weak points that can serve as entryways or scheduling regular inspections and treatments. Plus, they’re well versed in common threats like termites and other wood-destroying organisms (WDO’s) which are the most likely culprits behind damage due to pest intrusions.

Did you Know Facts

  • The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that nearly 20% of all allergies are caused by pests
  • A single mouse or rat infestation can lead to serious damage within a matter of weeks
  • Even small pests like spiders or ants can transmit diseases just through contact or exposure
  • Insects like cockroaches are capable of transmitting food-borne illnesses such as Salmonella poisoning and E. coli infection through contamination of food or kitchen surfaces.
  • Bed bugs have been linked to psychological stress, anxiety, and even insomnia.This is caused by a disruption of sleep patterns due to bites from these pests at night times when we are sleeping.
  • Mosquitoes can spread dangerous diseases such as Zika virus, West Nile virus , malaria, yellow fever and dengue fever.


How Often Should You Get Pest Control?

The frequency with which you should get pest control services depends on a variety of factors, such as the type of pests you are dealing with, the location and climate, and your personal tolerance for pests. However, engaging a pest control professional for an annual pest inspection is generally a good starting point for most homeowners.

How long does pest control last?

The effectiveness of pest control treatments can vary, but generally, they last between 2-3 months. Factors such as the type of pests, treatment methods, and environmental conditions can influence the duration. Regular inspections and treatments by a professional can help maintain a pest-free environment.

What are the benefits of an annual pest control plan?

Reduced spread of disease, prevention of property and crop damage, and improved quality of life.

Is pest control safe for pets and children?

Yes, when performed by a professional pest control provider with approved products designed to be safe around people and animals. There are also a range of natural pest treatments you can use ar9ound the house.

Are there any preventative measures I can take to reduce the need for regular exterminations?

Yes. Below is a list of things you do do at home.

  1. Regularly clearing away clutter or debris
  2. Keeping windows closed
  3. Sealing potential entry points like cracks in walls and floors
  4. Storing food properly in sealed containers

Are certain times of the year more favorable than others for pest infestations?

Yes. Changes in temperature and weather patterns create more pest activity, especially in summer months. The changes in temperature create ideal conditions for certain insects to multiply which increases their chance of getting into your property.


Protecting your home from pests every year is definitely worth the investment. Enjoy a pest-free lifestyle today by booking treatment with your local exterminator today.